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You Can Now Get USB Heated Mousemat’s From Amazon To Keep Your Hands Warm At Work

You can buy one of these through our Amazon affiliate link here:

As we delve deeper into November and even deeper still into winter, I’m sure the one thing we can all agree on is that work sucks a lot more than it did in summer.

The USB Warmer Mouse Pad is equipped with a built-in warmer pad that can help “warm your freezing cold hand while you are at work”. The pad heats up when you plug the device into your laptop/computer via the USB cable.

The snug design will also help keep your hands warm as you work away, and it comes in an array of colours; lavender, white, dark green, beige, coffee, and magenta pink.

One five-star user review reads: “Brilliant product. My hand was toastie warm without having to use the heat pad. Sitting under an air-con vent the cold air blows continually down on my hand. Using the USB heated mouse mat has solved my freezing hand problem. Thank you”

Another happy customer types: “I have a mild form of Raynaud’s and no matter what I do, once I get working at my computer my mouse hand turns to ice in minutes. But no more – this thing works.”

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