The Apprentice Viewers Baffled As Man Is Spotted Lying On Boardroom Floor


There are many things viewers expect to find in the boardroom of The Apprentice: shiny suits, laboured put downs, and back-stabbing kn**heads, to name but a few. However, some eagle-eyed viewers were left baffled last night after witnessing a boardroom first.

As contestants were dismissed from the boardroom by Lord Sugar towards the end of the show, the head of a man lying on the floor can be seen through the open door.

But how, who and why?

Well, unfortunately, no credible explanation has emerged.

Was some kind of so 2k19 office-based yoga going down? Or maybe a form of lie down protest? Perhaps Lord Sugar had been taking firing to a new extreme?

We just don’t know.

Some viewers seemed to think the man/head in question was contestant Ryan-Mark.

One person said: “@ryanmarkparsons WE NEED ANSWERS. WHY ARE YOU LYING ON THE FLOOR?”

Another added: “Ryan Mark flabbergasted at being brought back into the boardroom.”

A third said: “I like Ryan Mark but he’s a complete bottle job. We need to see him be pm. Immediately!”

Presumably the ‘pm’ role the last person was referencing there was project manager, rather than prime minister – but then again that position is up for grabs at the moment.

One person who won’t project manage on the show again is Jemelin Artigas, who got the boot in the seventh episode of the series, in which contestants were tasked with creating an advertising campaign to persuade UK tourists to visit Finland.

Reflecting on her time on the show, 34-year-old Ms Artigas admitted she did struggle, but reckons suspected floor boy Ryan-Mark should have been axed before her.

Speaking to The Metro, she said: “There were parts of the process that I struggled with. I am very grateful for doing the show, it’s a hard process but I don’t see it as a failure I see it as a learning curve and I made friends for life.

“He did not make the right decision. I felt like I did so much and it was overlooked a little bit and he failed to see everything I did because I wasn’t the loudest or an attention seeker. I wasn’t meant to go but then I couldn’t see myself as his business partner at that point.

“I think Ryan-Mark should have gone because has been there for seven weeks, where has he been and what has he done? He has not put himself in the firing line once.”

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