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Woman in hysterics after buying fake AirPods that turned out to be bigger than her head

Aleezay from Dubai, ordered a pair of fake AirPods from Amazon, but when they turned up

She couldn’t believe her eyes (Image: Jam Press)

A woman who supposedly purchased a pair of off-brand AirPods from Amazon, was left in hysterics when she received her order.

A woman from Dubai, Aleezay, says she purchased a pair of fake Apple AirPods for just £50 (184 DHS) from online retailer Amazon.

Whilst she knew that the pair she had ordered wouldn’t be the same as the originals – there was nearly a £90 difference in the Amazon pair and the authentic Apple AirPods retail price – she thought she would receive a petite white case that the earphones sit in.

But, when they arrived in a box slightly larger than she had anticipated she knew something was wrong.

The pair she received were bigger than her head (Image: Jam Press)

When she opened it, she found her fake AirPods… which were bigger than her head – she was in hysterics.

Aleezay shared a picture of her giant AirPods to Twitter, writing: “So today I received my airpods from Amazon. God these are huge”.  

She said: “I got the AirPods from Amazon last month.

“I knew they were fake because Amazon sells weird stuff, and it wasn’t expensive.

“I was shocked not going to lie but we move on”.

The post has since gone viral gaining 385,000 likes and over 3,500 comments from people finding the whole ordeal hilarious.

One said: “Airpods for elephants I guess”.

Another commented: “Are you sure you ordered the right size?”

And a third said: “Are you kidding me? Do they make these for giants too?”

“Don’t worry… You’ll grow into it” joked a fourth.

And: “Most of you saying its hairdryer, but I think its ‘eardryer'”.

Aleezay has been contacted for proof of purchase.

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